Trofeo Memorial UD Salamanca

Trofeo "Memorial UD Salamanca" (Salamanca-Spain)  2014

Played in the city of Salamanca (Spain). Organzed by Unionistas Salamanca CF.
After 90 years of history, Unión Deportiva Salamanca has unfortunately ceased to exist – despite all the efforts of many loyal supporters to find alternative, and completely viable, ways to deal with the club’s economic problems and present a feasible future project.
The club was liquidated by the administrators, but the rights were then bought by a third-party, who managed to obtain a judicial ruling to allow a new club to take up the place vacated in the same division, the Second Division B of the Spanish League, conveniently wiping off the club’s debts – to the Tax Office, creditors and players – at the same time.
Union Deportiva Salamanca, SAD, was a sports institution in Spain, located in Salamanca, which included football and athletics section was. It was founded on February 9, 1923 and dissolved by court order on June 18, 2013.


 1  2014 Unionista Salamanca CF            2-0 Cultural Leonesa

Number of Wins:

1 Unionistas Salamanca CF


Unionistas CF (Spain)
Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa (Spain)

Final [Sep 24]
Unionistas CF	2-0 Cultural Leonesa
  [1-0 nacho Sánchez 31´, 2-0 Antonio Paz 70´]
Unionistas CF: Dani (Albert 46´); Diego García (Hernan 85´), Lolo (David 76´), Jaime, Antonio Paz; Rubio; Manu, 
               Jaime González (Zárate 78´), Albertín, Nacho Sánchez (Sergio Alba 69´), Adri Sánchez (Rubi 87´).
CD Leonesa:    Omar (Calzado 76´); Álex, David (Hammed 83´), Turzo, Alberto (Sergio 76´); Kamal (Pavel 76´), 
               Coutado (Borja 76´), Víctor Andrés, Javi Ballesteros (Orodea 57´); Gonzalo, Valentín.